A beautiful woman in the house

Some say: do not be a fool – get married! Others say: don’t be a fool – don’t get married! Since here not to be a fool! Who to be?!

They say: if you marry, then women. There is no choice. But on what? Older or younger? If she is older than you, then, as the victims say, living with her is easier. Easier, but not for long. Because soon she will start to suit you in your mother. And then to the fathers.

If on the contrary – she is younger, and you are older, then, according to the victims, it is better with her, but longer. Because it is beautiful, like a May rose, and it blooms from morning to evening, and you, as a senior comrade, do everything yourself. You cook, wash, eat and wait for this bud to blossom!

Well, so how ?! Okay, sorted it out.

And which is better: smart wives or, conversely, beautiful? Of course, every man is pleased to keep a beautiful woman in the house. But who can afford it? The rest go to visit to see. Unreasonable jealousy begins, unjustified beatings, manslaughter, in a word, hassle!

And smart? Having a wife smarter than yourself is an amateur. But with a silly man you feel like an academician! But this is not life, but a continuous symposium!

Okay. We figured it out.

Well, when is it economic or, on the contrary, ownerless? From the household is always fed, darned, ironed, shaved. Houses are in full order. There is nothing to complain about. So, you go around all day, looking for something to complain about ?! If she is ownerless, everything is upside down, and for two hours you are looking for trousers, then you spit and leave in a jacket. It’s more interesting to live like that, but how much can you bear it?

And if you get married, how often?

But sometimes you want a simple human affection, and at home a wife! How to be?

And finally, how many children do you need? Those who do not have them are advised: five or six, who have the only one, they say: one is too much! And why, when you wait for a boy, a girl is born, you wait for a girl – a boy is born. And when you do not expect anyone at all – from nowhere – twins!

And further. If you got married and live, do not rock the boat, then give her flowers every day so that they get used to the smell, or every year so that she mumbles and cries from mimosa?

If you help her with the housework, then take on only the male part of her work or not interfere with her? Let it develop harmoniously.

To give in to her in everything, or only in what you yourself want? Is she faithful? If you save, how many times? How often to tell her that she is the best, most beautiful, the only one? Once a week? Or on Thursdays? Or say it once, but so that for a lifetime remember!

There you go. And sorted it out! So there is only one way out. Even two! Or marry, or, in extreme cases, do not marry!

And we’ll figure it out. After all, our whole life consists of trifles that are not worth paying attention to.