Fairness must be …

A Swiss, an Austrian and a German drive balloon.
Suddenly the mountains are getting higher and they have to dump ballast to get on it.
They throw everything out, backpack, provisions even the jackets and shoes.
But it is not enough.
One is too much on board.
The German and the Swiss look at each other for a moment and then they grab the Austrian and want to kick him out.
At the last second, an angel appears, who immediately
stops : “Stop, what the hell, you can not just throw out the Austrians Fairness must be We make it different I ask everyone a question and who answered wrong, must jump . ”

The three agree.
The angel asks the Swiss the first question:
“What’s the name of the famous luxury steamer that dropped in 1912?”
In a flash, he answers: “Titanic”.
Well, the angel turns to German and asks him:
“How many people have died?”
The German: “1200”.
Well, the next question for the Austrian:
“What were the names of the 1200?”