Happy man

I don’t understand why everyone around them complains that they are unhappy: fate didn’t work out that way, married the wrong one, got married the wrong way, sent the dacha expensive, the wrong VCR, the book has only sixty thousand rubles a rainy day is in store, but a rainy day does not come and does not come …

Whoever you talk to – problems, problems, problems. And all the unhappy, unhappy, unhappy …

But it is so easy to learn to be happy. You just need to accustom yourself in everything to see the good and the joyful in life.

For example, I …

Every morning, when I rush to work at rush hour, I think: it’s good that there is a metro! It delivers to the very other end of the city in less than an hour and a half and with only three transfers.

After the subway, when I try to get on a crowded bus, I rejoice! Yes, yes, I am glad that the discipline of the working people has increased since lateness was forbidden everywhere, the buses began to leave full right from the bus depot! After I can’t even get on the bus with a run, I briefly gasp for three blocks with a briefcase in my hand and think: “It’s wonderful that our institute was built on the Kiel’s road itself, where there is not much more air pollution than it should be the standard defined by doctors in the study of the death of rabbits breathing the dust of our institute … “

And when I sit at my drawing board in a room in which we air according to safety precautions every fifteen minutes, I admire with all my strength that even the women in our friendly team only give each other compliments:

“How good you look after your vacation!” Get well! How do you always succeed ?!

  • Well, what are you … Here is this green dress for you! Green color in general is very in harmony with the color of your face!
  • No, no … Don’t talk! Compared to your dress, everything fades. For the seventh year every day I admire him!

But it’s especially joyful that we all unbearably love our work. For hours we can sit and watch how it accumulates, accumulates, accumulates … And if someone falls asleep after dinner, so strictly at his desk with a pencil in his hand and thought in his eyes wide open. And no longer than until the end of the working day. There has not been a single case before someone overslept the end of a working day!

And most importantly, in our department it is always fun, you hear jokes, laughter … Especially everyone has fun when they get paid! More than salary, the products we produce are so much more ridiculous.

Even when I eat at our institute buffet, which is allowed only with higher education and with a secret pass, I am sincerely grateful to fate if I manage to take my favorite dish, which is daily listed on the menu under the secret name “Heat. chickens. with green mountains and complex. gar. from car. Pure. “

And in the evening … In the evening, when I go to the door of my girlfriend and double-click on her doorbell so as not to get to her neighbors, I say to myself, “I’m tall! Slim! Nice! And I don’t have a golden tooth! ”And I really don’t have it. I have it steel.

And when she opens me, I happily admire her small stature, discreet beauty and say to myself: “I will teach you to be happy too!”

And we go to the cinema with her, where we sit next to each other, and hold hands and both think “What a wonderful film about England they created at the Sverdlovsk film studio! How similar our successful actors are to their endangered lords. And new buildings in developing Tallinn – in the quarters of decaying London. “

Finally, I return home, where I admire my cozy room, which is a meter more than the norm relies on a person!

Before going to bed, looking up to two in the night on the glare from the noisy cars running on the ceiling, I am happy to think that we will get married soon. We will have children! Many, many children. And we all together in this room will be even happier than me alone!

And I fall asleep happily, realizing that tomorrow will repeat the same happy day as today. And the day after tomorrow … And after, and after … And it will always be just as good, because I am a happy person !!!