Woman is operating on her problem areas

At the moment there is much discussion as to
whether “woman” is operating on her “problem areas”.
Some think they are,
others – a bigger busa would be lucky.
Fat absauga – pout schpritza,
under Folie d’orange peel wegschwitza,
Busa schtraffa – folds lifta,
biologically nourished – “vergifta”.
Anyone who can afford to go four weeks on the “wrinkle-free”
comes back empty-handed – as a new human being.

Just – dictated – what is “ideal”,
“guat builds” – or “twiggy narrow”.
How can a man trust
so z’rda about us Frau?
Be objetive – and look around you,
how are you guys going around?

  • With thick belly and crooked feet, in
    view – well-groomed, must-have
    pants – dagger-off cromm gloffa,
    some also stern hail bsoffa!

Some – now still “young dynamic men”
starts sometime on a lifebuoy,
comes in d’Mittleifkreisis and thus in d’year,
gets itself wrinkles – is gray and loses Hoor!
Basically, if you lose your strength, you
will feel tired and grumpy on the bed.

Dear “Mitfrauen” – I’ll give you some advice:
“Stand by yourself – otherwise everything is too late!
I do not need a man – who dictates to me the ideal picture,
it took a long time, but I – for me – get it.
I’m not afraid of my reflection, I do not
get mad at every folliness, I do not
care about my gray hair,
do not mention my age,
tell me – as I am – that’s right,
who thinks otherwise – he’s not important.