Your dogs are walking under the windows

Last Saturday, Nikolai Petrovich met his friend Sergei Ivanovich.

They are known to live in the same house, but return from work with a difference of 15 minutes and therefore see each other five or six times a year, occasionally seven.

Sergei Ivanovich stood on the street at the post and read some kind of announcement.

  • Have you decided to change? – strictly asked Nikolai Petrovich.
  • Well, what are you! – Sergey Ivanovich was embarrassed. – Just now … I want to buy a dog.

“Dogs are different,” Nikolai Petrovich told thoughtfully. – There are those who are for hunting, but there are bites.

“Well, you know me,” said Sergey Ivanovich, “I won’t tolerate this!” Just a little, right away: “To the foot! To the place!”

“You command like that,” said Nikolai Petrovich, “that not a single dog will listen to you.”

You command well … well …. sorry, of course, well … as you ask for a loan anyway! You command confidently: “For a month!” So that she respects you. Come on, try it.

“Yes, it’s somehow inconvenient, so for no reason,” said Sergei Ivanovich.

“And when it comes to this, you won’t be able to,” said Nikolai Petrovich convincingly.

  • Come on, come on, come on bolder!
  • To me! – shouted Sergey Ivanovich.

“No, it won’t,” Nikolai Petrovich confidently determined. – In your voice you don’t feel confident in your right to command.

  • How is it not felt? – offended Sergei Ivanovich. – Here, listen carefully, I once again: “To me! To me!”

“You know what,” said Nikolai Petrovich, having thought it over. – You just do not be offended, but I will tell the truth.

“Speak,” Sergey Ivanovich permitted.

“This dog does not love you,” said Nikolai Petrovich.

  • Why ?! – taken aback Sergey Ivanovich.
  • Because the dog is a friend of man, and you: “To me, to me!” – mimicked Nikolai Petrovich. – Neither affection, nor warmth in the voice – one desire to command, to show his power. Excuse me that I am so honest in the eyes …
  • Maybe give her sugar? – suggested Sergey Ivanovich.
  • To make her teeth hurt? That’s why I say: not lu-bit! – Nikolay Petrovich sighed in dismay. “They, animals, feel everything.”

“Instead of lecturing me, you would have shown better,” Sergey Ivanovich reasonably said. – And then: you do not know how! Feel it! You show it yourself.

“Well,” said Nikolai Petrovich, “that’s true: it’s better to hear once than to hear a hundred times … uh … In short, look and listen!

He took a step back, pulled up his sleeves on his shirt, and shouted vigorously:

  • D-jack, oh-oh … me!

After that, the silence on the street seemed to Sergey Ivanovich somehow even quieter. But then suddenly a woman appeared in the window of the neighboring house and quickly, angrily spoke:

  • Again, you and your dogs are walking under the windows, again you are making noise, again you are not letting people relax!

To top it all off, next to Sergey Ivanovich and Nikolai Petrovich, the local policeman stopped and said instructively:

  • Dog walking is done in designated areas.

“Yes, we have it … small … such a tiny one,” Nikolai Petrovich showed with his palm near the ground and looked around.

The policeman also looked around, did not see anyone and stated:

  • I ran away. – And he reproachfully added: – If you already got a dog, then you need to look after it better – this is not a toy for you!

He blinked politely and left. Nikolai Petrovich and Sergei Ivanovich silently watched him, silently shook hands goodbye and parted until the next meeting …